The dawn of the Mercorn 

Mercorn: hybrid cross between a mermaid and unicorn. Mercorn… Beautiful, mythical, illusive, and can be found only at Revolt!

Master colorist and team leader Alyssa has been perfecting the Mercorn for the last year.  Intense color combinations, coupled with designer haircuts bring a new meaning to fashion. No longer is your clothing a statement, but instead, your hair.

Mercorn isn’t only an all over application. A Mercorn tie dye on the ends creates a striking fun pop, to a somewhat Classic ombrè.

Mercorn is not only pink, blue, and purple; but all the colors of the rainbow! We love our firey reds, coppers, and blushes. Everyone deserves to be a Mercorn, if only for a day.

Stop by for a makeover on the wild side, we promise you’ll love it.

Questions?  Tweet us @revolthair

Instagram @revolt_hair_studio

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