What you need to know about fantasy hair color

Fantasy color!  Who doesn’t dream of having any hair color imaginable?  And without repercussion.  But what you might not realize is the time and money associated with it.

Fantasy color is only achieved once placed over top of a high lift blonde.  Preferably pre lightened.  If you have any other color naturally besides beach babe blonde – you’re going to need to be pre lightened. $$$.  Have long hair?  Even more $$..  Have ANY permanent hair color on your hair? $$$$$$$$$$……

Once you’ve achieved the desired level of lightening, thus begins the cycle of rinse and repeat.


Depending on how many colors are in your ultimate Mercorn look, the more ” doll hairs ” you’re dropping.

Here’s the steps were up to so far in your new Unicorn hair.  Pre lighten ( process x amount of time ), cleanse, condition, blow dry.  Pre lighten AGAIN if desired level isn’t achieved.  Cleanse, condition, blow dry.  Apply new Mermaid hair color ( takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on intricacy ).  Process for 40 minutes from Last application..  Cleanse, condition, haircut, blow dry.

Most likely you’ve been at the salon for 3 – 4 hours by this point ( if not more ).  And expect to spend $200-$400 for this entire process.  If not more depending on hair length and thickness.  BUT the best / worst part… Is depending on your home care, water, environmental, and products used.  Your new Mercorn could be washing down the drain faster than you can say F***.  Even more important is your home care products.  You’re investing hundreds of dollars on color, why not keep it as long as possible?

If you’re not ready for the investment that is FANTASY HAIR COLOR, it’s best to keep it just that.  Fantasy.

Questions?  Tips?

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