Alyssa does NYFW

New York Fashion Week.  It’s amazing.  It’s exciting.  It’s crazy.  It’s something everyone needs to experience once.


This February I had the pleasure of styling for Namilia at New York Fashion Week 2017.  My day started with your typical nerves ( or is the stomach virus?!).  It wasn’t thankfully!  The weather wasn’t on my side either, freezing rain to be exact. Nonetheless, I made my drive to NYC.  And, side note, ALWAYS double check your destination address.  Apparently Brooklyn and Manhattan have the same address….

So many beautiful faces!  The energy is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Burning sage, crowded shoulder to shoulder, the cold sweat of excitement. Amidst fumbling around the other stylists, models, makeup, and nail people I settled in.  And waited, and waited…


Sure 15 minutes is enough time to create a look!  4 other stylists and I  started prepping the model furiously to get her to the stage on time.  Miraculously, no one was burned by the 3 curling irons flying about her head.  It was the craziest, quickest moment of my life!


And some thing everyone needs to experience, just once.


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