Why REVOLT? Revolt Hair Studio was born out of necesity. When you answer the phone to ” I changed the locks, don’t contact me or the rest of the staff, your equpiment is in the mail ” you go in to fight or flight. I chose fight. We are born with the natural instinct to fight for what we believe, or tuck our tails and run for the hills. I can not thank my previous employer enough for gifting me the opportunity to rival what she had created. We’ve all heard “let sleeping dogs lie… don’t poke the bear…” Well baby, she poked the ultimate BEAR. For anyone questioning their ability to succeed, lead, revolutionize the industry – remember your why. WHY did you do what you did? WHY did you set those goals? WHY did you decide to make a change? Be an envelope pusher! Be a revolutionary! Create waves. It’s worth it, I promise. I was too scared, too nieve, too wrapped up in me – before I was given the greatest gift. Freedom! In nearly 3 years I have grown my soul. I went from a $50,000 stylist – to a $200,000 stylist. YES! You are reading that correct. Don’t get me wrong – I have missed vacations, parties, Birthdays, Special events to get to where I am. Success does not come without payment. What are you willing to give up? Miss? Arrive late? Don’t forget about your why. – ” If you can start from nothing, you can have everything!” – ALYSSA KEYSER R.H.S